We all have 1440 minutes to spend every day playing a number of roles. These roles may include boss, parent, sibling, spouse, friend or colleague, so why do you always feel like you have not got enough time to do it all?

The power lies within you to use that time wisely so come along to GBWN to develop three key strategies to making the most of you precious time:

How well do you know yourself?
Understanding what is important to you
Having a plan and sticking to it!

The session will be participative and informative and you will go away with a plan of how you are going to be even more successful than you already are!

Suzanne Unsworth has been involved in helping people to be more effective in their use of time, both personally & professionally for over 20 years. She has achieved this through coaching on a one to one basis, working with teams in the workplace and by delivering highly impactive learner centred training programmes which are practical and informative so attendees go away with tools to make a difference.

Suzanne’s business Rubus Associates has recently celebrated its 12th birthday. During those years both Suzanne and her associates have delivered a wide range of learning and development programmes to organisations both nationally and internationally. These programmes include leadership development, management skills personal effectiveness, customer service, project management & sales training.

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Speaker Contact Details:
Website: www.rubusassociates.co.uk
Telephone: 01633 400051
Twitter: @RubusAssociates

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday 4th February 2014
Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm
Place: Hilton Hotel, Chepstow Road, Langstone, Newport NP19 2LX
Food: Delicious buffet including dessert
Price: Free for members and £15 for non-members*. Monthly membership £10. Annual membership for 12 months is only £85.

* First time visitors may attend for free if they arrive with a GBWN postcard (excluding special events). Postcards are available from GBWN members.

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