Your chosen perfume or scent should reflect the authentic you, so are you really wearing yours?

At our Christmas event on 3rd December Kerry Voke of Perfumology introduced us to the fascinating world of perfume and showed us how we can all make perfume really work for us!

Kerry’s love of perfume started many years ago and after working on cruise ships that stopped off in the Caribbean allowing her to buy large bottles of it for half the price of the UK, she was destined to work with perfume in some way, shape or form!  After waving goodbye to the corporate world a few years ago, Kerry took the opportunity to turn her love of perfume into a career and became a ‘Fragrance Stylist’.

As much as men may think that us women wear perfume to attract them (which if this was the case we would all be wearing a ‘bacon’ smelling perfume as this is the smell that supposedly attracts men!!!!), the majority of us actually wear it as it makes us feel good about ourselves, which is why Kerry loves her job so much – she likes helping people feel good about themselves!

Kerry’s knowledge of perfume is not just technical, she also gave us a whistle stop history of perfume which started many centuries ago with the ancient Egyptians being the earliest users of it.  She also explained that the word ‘perfume’ is actually derived from the Latin word ‘through smoke’ as this is how perfume was used then.  There is also no surprise that in the Christian Bible Frankincense and Myrrh were brought as gifts to the baby Jesus as these were very expensive and sort after, therefore only the richest people would have access to them for perfume, and in fact they are both still used in perfume today.

However, it was Henry VIII who increased the popularity of perfume in the UK using it to sweeten the air like his counterparts in the rest of the European continent were.  As time progressed and technology improved, perfume became more accessible as it became easier and cheaper to produce, but it was Coco Chanel who was accredited with designing the first commercial perfume.

Kerry asked us all why we wear perfume and do we know what’s in it and unfortunately most of it didn’t! Yet if you actually break down what’s in the perfume you can identify the scents that are emotive, which is why every ones’ scent preferences are different as they are based on experience and emotive links.

Kerry’s aim is to challenge the perception that you can’t have your own perfume at an affordable price as she believes that everyone has the right to it!

For more information about Perfumology, email Kerry on or visit the website!