14 July 2013

There’s such a buzz about video at the moment. We’re told we must create a video for our website. At July’s GBWN meeting, Kath Morton-Smith from purplepatch Video explained why video has become so important in the online world.

Statistics show that click-through rates for video are 41% more that for text alone. That’s a huge difference. The reason video is so powerful is that it’s easy to absorb and engages the emotions. You can create a video with multi layers of detail even in a short film.

Google, Twitter and Facebook have all brought out video publishing applications, showing the significance they place on video content. No matter which application you use, you can easily create a video and share it across all platforms. Importantly, video increases search engine optimisation for your website.

As with any form of marketing, when you create a video, it’s essential to know what you’re trying to achieve. Here are Kath’s 10 top tips to create a video of your own:

  1. Establish firmly what you’re going to be filming
  2. Be clear about your audience
  3. Choose your camera device – smart phone, tablet, SLR camera
  4. Recce your location for sight and sound
  5. Use a hand grip, mount or dolly to steady the device
  6. Use and external audio mike for quality sound
  7. Position the camera in landscape mode
  8. Remember the 2/3rds framing rule
  9. Lock the exposure and focusing
  10. Select Airplane mode to avoid interruptions

If you’d like to create a video for your website, visit purplepatch Video for tips and information, or to contact Kath directly.

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