7 November 2012

At November’s GBWN meeting, Prith Biant was “busting the creativity myth” for all those people who don’t think they’re creative.

Prith asked us to think about all the myths surrounding creative people, such as only artistic people are creative, or creative people aren’t logical. She spoke about how we are all creative as children, but that our education system actively discourages creativity and champions logical thinking. In fact, individuals think differently and need different ways to express their thoughts. We also tend to do things the way they’ve been done before without realising there are alternatives.

‘Break the Rules’ was a group exercise to demonstrate how we can all look at things more creatively, using an ordinary business item, such as a business card or a proposal. There were some truly outlandish ideas and while some were clearly non-starters, others were definitely worth investigating.

It’s very easy to become locked into the same old ways of doing things, but exercises such as this allow freedom from the usual conventions, and demonstrate that everyone can be creative.

Prith is currently finishing her first book, “How to be creative”. You can find out more about her at The Creative Thinking Company.