4 October 2012

October’s GBWN meeting with speaker, George Savva, was a joy. It was thought-provoking and hugely inspiring.

Through simple exercises, George demonstrated how everyone teaches themselves to live within their own perceptions. These become the limits we impose on ourselves, which ultimately prevent us from becoming everything we can be. He encouraged us to open our minds to new ways of thinking.

Here are just a few nuggets from his presentation:

Your perceptions of you can change. Work on yourself and understand what you are really worth.

  • Don’t try and be good at everything. Master one thing and become brilliant at it.
  • Spend time working on your message. Work out why you do what you do. Play around with the words and tell your message with a story.
  • Customers make decisions for irrational reasons. Don’t try and appeal to their rational brains, appeal to their emotions.
  • Understand the outcome you want and ask big. Go out on a limb, you have nothing to lose. Tell people what you expect of them.

George is a qualified Dale Carnegie trainer. He teaches people how to be the most that they can be and how to demand the very best from themselves.

If you have any questions for George or you’d like to talk to him further, he would love you to contact him at info@ittakes7seconds.co.uk.