Andrea Morgan gave us an honest insight into how she became a brand on social media at our June 2014 event.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn Andrea didn’t jump on the Social Media bandwagon when it first came out. In fact, she said NO to Social Media at the beginning, so why and how did things change?

First you must know… Andrea has a passion for interior design and property. One day a mini competition appeared on Rightmove. To enter, Andrea needed to setup a twitter account and being a genuine Rightmove Addict, she thought the twitter handle @RightmoveAddict would be the perfect name to start.

From sending her first tweet, Andrea started to use twitter more frequently. She would tweet about her passion, find, follow and engage online with other like-minded enthusiasts. She wasn’t afraid to share information and started to blog about her love for property. She built a personal brand and voice on social media that people wanted to listen to. She started to become an expert in her field.

“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room”.
Jeff Bezos, Founder,

The more Andrea contributed to the property industry, the more followers she received. One key part of Andrea’s success is she never deviated for the industry she loved. Her focus was property and still is property.

How long does it take to become a brand?

Andrea did not become a brand overnight. It has taken a few years of hard work and determination to build. Also, once the content is written, how do you know if people are finding it? Where are you sharing it? There are several free tools available online to help you share your content at any time of the day/week/month (e.g. Hootsuite). The key is to get it out there and not to be afraid or restricted when writing about the things you believe are important.

So where did all of this blogging lead?

Andrea now has a successful content writing business for companies who specialise in property, homes and interiors. She is a Certified Blog Contributor for Rightmove, has been featured in Show Home magazine and presented on the interiors stage at Grand Designs Live.

Andrea was a pleasure to listen to at GBWN. There were a lot of ‘nearly’ bloggers in the room who needed that inspiration to take their blogging journey to the next level. People seem afraid to share their expertise and simply need to learn how to let go.