Angharad Brown led our May event in which she used her own experiences and training as an Occupational Health Psychologist and Mindfulness coach to help us all ‘mind our own business’!  As business owners and employees we can only be as successful as we let ourselves so the more we look after ourselves, and particularly our minds the more successful we will be.

A highly interactive session, we were first asked to write down on a post-it note one word that describes our world at the moment and then place it on the flip chart.  The flip chart was busy with all our words which also reflected our lives and as Angharad pointed out – we don’t give ourselves the time to look at our own world and reflect.

We are all on automatic pilot but we need to come off this and take control – we need to look at what our thoughts are controlling.  As people we hold on to so much rubbish, for example thinking we shouldn’t have done this, why didn’t I do this, etc.  Angharad shared with us that she was once on automatic pilot but after going through 9 months of chemo, she lost her confidence and found that she couldn’t bounce back  - she had cracked.  However, after cracking, this encouraged Angharad to start taking better care of her mind so that she could bounce back and not crack again.

Next Angharad shared with us how we can weave a parachute for when the chaos comes.  We were asked to pick the ingredients we would like to put in a cocktail that would become our parachute – no alcohol involved this time!  There were four core groups of ingredients that were categorised as follows:

  • Green – these ingredients are all about mindfulness and self compassion and about being in the moment
  • Purple – these ingredients outline the 15 dimensions of emotional intelligence  and are about expressing with emotions and reality testing
  • Red – these ingredients are all to do with the brain and how you can develop your own brain and look after it
  • Orange – these ingredients outline the external factors that impact you

We were then taken through a mindfulness breathing and walking exercise which certainly relaxed us all!  This was a great session that certainly made us all think about the importance of looking after ourselves.

For more information about mindfulness and some great tips on increasing your personal resilience visit Angharad’s website