5 December 2012

In the true spirit of Christmas, December’s GBWN meeting dispensed with its usual format in favour of some party games with a twist.

Events organiser and GBWN Chair, Paula Burns, took charge and hosted Pass the Parcel business style. Instead of unwrapping an ever-diminishing parcel when the music stopped, the players opened questions designed to provoke thought and discussion.

Why should someone choose you rather than your competition?

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

How many members do you keep in touch with outside of GBWN meetings?

These questions and more incited far more debate, and revealed more about the members than ever happens during traditional pitches. It was fun, engaging and highly entertaining. Those present enjoyed it so much, we’re hoping to introduce a shortened version into our regular meetings.

Thanks also to those who brought along their wares to show and sell. The displays were glorious and really made the venue very Christmassy. And thanks to everyone who bought something.

Finally, congratulations to Esther Apoussidis from Coffee Continental who was the last woman standing in Musical Chairs. Who would have thought GBWN members could be so competitive?