‘Don’t bring me down’ was the theme of the October GBWN meeting, as Carolyn Arnold from Nurturing Life Hypnotherapy taught us how to take control of the negative voice we all hear from time to time which stops us from reaching our true potential.

Carolyn shared with us her very personal experience which led her to recognise the need to silence her inner critic and take control.  After signing up to take part in a Dogs Trust Arctic sledding expedition which was something she really wanted to do, Carolyn’s inner critic kept telling her she was going to fail, leading to her making excuses not to undertake the pre expedition exercise regime, and doubting whether she would raise the money she needed for the trip.  Then, only 2 months before the trip Carolyn suffered the sudden loss of her father, so all her efforts were focused on helping her family sort things out, and certainly not on fund raising for the trip.  With all the stress that Carolyn was under, the doubt started to take over and she had resigned herself to not going on the expedition as she didn’t think she could raise the final amount of money needed, but help was at hand.  After blogging about her doubts, her friends and family rallied around and raised the outstanding money for her, and then her workplace also match funded this -  the trip was now back on!

Throughout all the preparation and pre-expedition heartache Carolyn admits that she supressed everything instead of dealing with it, but this finally came to a head on the first night of the Artic trip when she had a panic attack, leading to her only having 2 hours sleep before a full days sledding across challenging terrain – not the start she had hoped for!

On day 2 Carolyn was faced with the peace and tranquillity of the artic, where she was left alone with her thoughts for the first time since everything had happened, which gave her the opportunity to think about it all, have a good cry and a rant, after which she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  From this point onwards Carolyn decided she was going to enjoy the experience and learn from it.  But what did she learn?

Carolyn stated that she learnt she had:

  • ignored her body begging for sleep, decent food and exercise
  • ignored her mind begging for rest
  • let her thoughts produce physical responses (such as the panic attack)

It was this experience that led Carolyn to become more interested in negative thinking and how to overcome it using a range of techniques.

Carolyn then shared some of these techniques with the group, such as the art of breathing, and also getting us to identify our inner critic, name it, give it a silly voice and then dismiss it (there’s a bit more to it but we’re not here to give away Carolyn’s secrets!).

All in all, the group ended the session ultra relaxed and in control – what more can you ask for!

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