13 April 2013

In 1981, Jane Phillips opened a coffee shop in Abergavenny under the name of Clam’s Cakes. Her home-made cakes have since won the company many awards and are now supplied throughout the United Kingdom.

Jane took time out of her busy schedule to talk to GBWN about the benefits of exhibiting at trade shows and how to make the most from an exhibition. Here are her top tips:

Stand out from the rest. Use a theme and it will draw people to your stand. A professional exhibition stand dresser is highly recommended for maximum effect. The theme can be abstract rather than literal, but use it in every aspect of the stand, from give-away packages to the reps’ clothing.

Be upfront. Stand in front of your display, rather than hiding behind it. You need to engage people by being approachable. Offer a firm handshake and make eye contact.

Know your USP. Be clear about your key messages and consistent in promoting them. You should also make sure your reps have a passion for your product.

Be unforgettable. Have plenty of business cards to give away, and offer samples or pretty packages to visitors to remind them of you once the exhibition’s over.

Know your audience. Find out from the organisers who will be attending the exhibition. There may be someone there you’re keen to meet.

Capture data. Have appropriate paperwork or computer software readily available so that you can take down contact details. People visiting your stand are interested in your product, so make sure you can get in touch with them after the event.

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