10 June 2013

Money can be such an awkward subject. We all carry so many beliefs around what we should or shouldn’t do with our money, how much we earn, and what money says about us. If you have an uneasy relationship with money, it’s easy to be ashamed that you feel out of control.

Speaking to GBWN this month, Wilma Allen, aka The Money Midwife, believes that the energy we place on money is what we get back. Badly handled finances, such as accruing a mountain of bills, are an energy drain that constantly niggle away at you. She says that when you change the way you perceive money, how you receive money will change.

Prepare for increase

To help create a different energy around money, Wilma advises that you should take the time to double the amount of expenses you need for one month. Keeping the extra amount creates a fat bank account, which helps form new habits.

Track your money

If you track your money at the beginning and end of every day you can begin to notice your spending patterns. Instead of burying your head in the stand, you’ll also be aware of how much you have left to spend.

It can be challenging to alter your beliefs, and often when we try to, our old beliefs pop up to question our new way of thinking. But Wilma believes that if you can conceive what you want, you can go out and get it.

Wilma helps women change the way they think about money. If you would like to take her Money Type Quiz, or you’d like some more information about how she can help you, visit www.themoneymidwife.com.

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